BeanieBoo is a proudly Australian small business that is dedicated and passionate about providing high quality handmade clothing for our little humans, from birth to teens!

A bit about me!

My name is Kerry and I am the owner and creator of BeanieBoo!

The name BeanieBoo was inspired by my beautiful daughter Breanna who has had the nickname “Beanie” since the time I saw my precious little “bean” on our first ultrasound! She is the love and light of my life and my designs are often influenced by her and our joint love of lace and ribbons and all things girly!

I have been a machinist for over 20 years and I pride myself on creating not just beautiful clothing but clothing of high quality finishes!

Until recently I was working for a Brisbane based company that produced high end ladies garments, but due to moving their production offshore, I was out of work and at a loss as to what to do with myself. So after much deliberation, rehashing of old dreams and much pushing from friends and family…. BeanieBoo is now a reality!

A bit about BeanieBoo!

The main goal of BeanieBoo is to create high quality, functional and beautiful garments for children from birth to teens.

I have a definite ” You Ask, I Make! ” policy. If you like a design or style but would like to request an alternative colour or print, send me an email and I will see what I can do for you! All of the designs pictured in the store are made in limited quantities to ensure uniqueness and have been made in fabrics that have appealed to me.

Due to limited fabric quantities on most of the pictured items, if I cannot provide the exact colour or print, I will endeavour to scour the universe for something as closely matching the item as possible or suggest a similar fabric choice. But all designs and styles are basically only limited to your imagination!

Check out my ” Current Available Fabrics ” section for inspiration, but feel free to email pictures of colours and prints that you would like my designs made in! I also offer a “custom” design service for any special requests. “You Ask, I Design”!

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